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The purpose of this webpage is to identify specific online training, as appropriate:

1. Skills Lecture 2011-06-11 - Story Telling (Peter Gruber) by Bob and Anna Bassett
Watch Bob and Anna Bassett talking about their Business Experiences:Request a link to Bob and Anna Bassett's Video

2. Rick Arrandale succumbed to cancer in 2008. He believed that anybody can teach,
what they know to others: www.inspired-entrepreneur.com/Inspired-Teaching.aspx 

3. The Media Coach (Alan Stevens) produces a weekly Radio Show 

My Interview on YouTube4. Tom "Big Al" Schreiter's website at www.fortunenow.com

5. Ivan Misner's advice on successful networking skills at www.bnipodcast.com

6. CrowdCube and Rupert Honywood's Personal Development Bureau

7. Michael Dlouhy and the 30 Day Mental Cleanse

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I was interviewed at the North Hants Business Expo in February 2011...
My Interview on YouTube.....
... commenting on the Social Media presentation...

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