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 Hello and Welcome!... my name is Richard; I sell 'stuff' and I'm interested in Personal Development. I am passionate about helping others to become successful in any home-based business.

 I am an established Freelance Web Developer and an Information Specialist with over 12 years experience. I founded Firstalpha ltd in 1999 to better understand the Internet and Social Media.

 I have been an enthusiastic member of the UK based Ecademy Social Business website which has recently evolved into 'SunZu: The Art of Business'. Interact with me on Facebook & LinkedIn

 Since 1st June 2012, Richard has been operating his  A V O N  Products distribution business on a part-time basis in and around West Dean. He wrote a blog about this at Ladies Perfume and Cosmetics...

 Richard created a webpage at to explain his involvement with AVON Cosmetics Ltd. He has also created a Facebook page and a public interest webpage at

 In October 2012, Richard joined the Salisbury Ambassadors Business Breakfast Networking Club where local business people meet twice each month to share personal development ideas.

Social Engagement Online (SEO)

 In the world of Web Development, 'SEO' refers to Search Engine Optimisation while in Social Media terms, 'Social Engagement Online' might be a more meaningful use of the acronym, SEO.

 The circumstances in which two people interact will usually create a lasting memory and online contact can enhance any ongoing relationship. Being visible in searchengine results is a key objective.

 Personal Branding will likely influence a person's employment prospects, going forward and being active on Social Media is a fun way in which people can reveal their true personalities...

 The  A V O N  Products distribution model has evolved so as to encourage interactions between neighbours. Most people will have seen an  A V O N  brochure before and many will be customers.

 The challenge for every business will be to harness the power of the Internet and Social Media to make it easier for customers to obtain reliable service for the products & services which they want to buy.

 Richard is keen to engage in conversation, whether on-line or off-line, in order to establish trusting business relationships from which the distribution of   A V O N  Products may ensue... Tel: 01794-341405

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